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ISPP Board of Trustees
Four-year period 2014-2018

The ISPP general assembly, which met in Torino on  21-06-2014 unanimously elected the Board of Trustees for the following period 2014-2018.

  • President:
    Dario Riva (Torino)

  • Vice-president:
    Pietro Picotti (Verona)

  • Secretary:
    Angelo Scarsini (Tolmezzo - UD)

  • Councilmen:
    Alessandro Bari (Porto Mantovano - MN)
    Fabio Beretta (Rodero - CO)
    Luigi Beretta (Saronno - VA)
    Roberto Bianchi (Capiago Intimiano CO)
    Mirco Botta (Como)
    Marco Carboni (Terni)
    Pietro Cetani (Torino)
    Marco De Angelis (Roma)


Riva Dario
Aiazzi Graziano
Beretta Fabio
Beretta Luigi
Cetani Pietro
Mantovani Danilo
Avagnina Luca
Botta Mirco
Cardoni Monica
De Angelis Marco
Paganelli Alessio
Cobol Duilio
Cuseri Alberto
Mancinelli Massimo
Picotti Pietro


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