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[6/26/2010] TORINO - TURIN HOLIDAY INN**** - 
The Riva method - THIRD level course for the certification of the DELOS CERTIFIED EXPERTS ADVANCED
June 26-27, 2010
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[6/5/2010] BELLARIA - RIMINI - 
ISSA ITALY Convention 2010
D. Riva - The proprioceptive excercizes: strenght-oriented and control-oriented
[5/15/2010] TORINO - TURIN HOLIDAY INN**** - 
The Riva method - 2nd level course for the certification of the DELOS CERTIFIED EXPERTS
May 15-16, 2010
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[2/6/2010] TORINO - TURIN HOLIDAY INN**** - 
ISPP Scientific Committee, February 6-7, 2010 Strategic Meeting 2010-2011
[11/21/2009] TORINO - TURIN HOLIDAY INN**** - 
The Riva method - 2nd level course for the certification of the DELOS CERTIFIED EXPERTS
November 21-22, 2009
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[10/10/2009] BARI - HOTEL MAJESTY**** - 
The effective proprioceptive reprogramming:
the RIVA METHOD in rehabilitation and training
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[8/19/2009] BERLIN 2009 (GERMANY)
World Championship in Athletics - 
Janeth Jepkosgei Busienei and Yego Alfred Kirwa (Kenya), trained by C. Berardelli, are silver medallists in 800 meters, with two extraordinary performances.
Janet and Alfred during the last year have introduced the Riva Method and Delos System in their training. The programme reduced entropy and mechanical stress and increased the proprioceptive endurance. The progress of the finals confirms that has been a winning choice.
TERME DI BOARIO - Sala Liberty 2 - ore 18.00 - 
Presentation of the book Armchair cheetas
The journalist Gio Moscardi presents the book of Dario Riva "Armchair cheetas".
[6/6/2009] BELLARIA - RIMINI - 
ISSA ITALY Convention 2009
D. Riva - The effective proprioceptive training: how and how much.
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Main lecture theatre
D. Riva - Proprioceptive endurance of postural muscles
[3/21/2009] MILANO - Centro Congressi Milanofiori - Assago - 
Spine & Multidiscipline Rehabilitation
5° Evidence-Based Meeting

D. Riva, M. Carboni: Proprioceptive endurance of the spine postural muscles
[3/4/2009] MILANO - Libreria RIZZOLI ore 18
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 79 - 
Presentation of the book Armchair cheetas
Susanna Messaggio and Fabrizio Borio present the book of Dario Riva "Armchair cheetas".
[2/14/2009] TORINO - TURIN HOLIDAY INN**** - 
ISPP Scientific committee Meeting 2009, February 14-15
[1/27/2009] KENYA - Rift valley - 
ISPP and Delos assess the athletic world champions of 800 m and 1500 metri
D. Riva, ISPP president and C. Berardelli, trainer of the Rosa Nike Team, lead the endurance proprioceptive sessions for Langat Nancy Jabet, world champion and gold medalist in Beijing (1500 m), Busienei Janeth Jepkosgei, world champion and silver medalist in Beijing (800 m) and Yego Alfred Kirwa, world champion and silver medalist in Beijing (1500 m).
[1/24/2009] KENYA - Rift valley - 
ISPP Proprioception Research Program on top marathon runners and Kenyan people
Since January 23 to February 1 ISPP, Delos and Rosa Associati will be in Kenya to continue the test and training program on the strongest marathon runners in the world and to start a research about the proprioception of Kenyan people living on the highlands (between 2000 and 3000 m of altidute of the Rift Valley).
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[1/12/2009] IN-EQUILIBRIO - 
In February the FALL PREVENTION Campaign starts in 7 ISPP centers with a free test
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[10/11/2008] WARSAW - Polonia - 
International Scientific Congress of the Polish Society of Sport Medicine
D. Riva: Proprioceptive decay, performances and injuries in sports. Warsaw October 10-11-12
[10/3/2008] ROMA - Appia Park Hotel - 
2° Congresso Nazionale SIPO: Podologia dello Sport Multidisciplinare - Dalla Clinica e Semeiotica al Progetto Terapeutico 3-4 ottobre 2008
L. Avagnina, P. Picotti, D. Riva, D. Villa
[9/30/2008] GLASGOW - Scotland - UK - 
59th International Astronautical Congress
D. Riva, F. Rossitto, S. D'Eustacchio, M. De Angelis, F. Rocca: High density proprioceptive training for postural muscle atrophy prevention in space missions. 9/29 - 10/03
[7/5/2008] ALPE DI SIUSI - 5-12 luglio 2008 - 
D. Riva, S. D'Eustacchio e G. Aiazzi testano per ISPP i livelli di entropia e l'efficienza propriocettiva dei pił forti maratoneti del mondo: i kenioti del Rosa Nike Team: 18 atleti tutti con tempi nella maratona al di sotto delle 2h 10'

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