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[5/18/2006] Favignana (Trapani) - 
5 th Mediterranean Congress of Sport Medicine - Favignana
D. Riva, P. Trevisson, F. Rocca: The advantages of pre-operative proprioceptive reprogramming in ACL reconstruction
[4/5/2006] Torino - 
The International Society of Proprioception and Posture (ISPP) is founded by 15 promoters. For information: send an email to [email protected]
[5/10/2005] Florida - 
Ft. Lauderdale Airport (Florida - USA). Flying on the Gulf of Mexico first experiment in the world of visualproprioception in zero gravity: MARVP. The system used is Delos DPPS.
Sul Boeing 727 G-Force One, adattato per i voli in assenza di gravitą, in volo sul Golfo del Messico, D. Riva ha condotto con successo il primo esperimento di visuo propriocezione a gravitą zero MARVP (Muscular Atrophy Prevention and Recovery through Visual-Proprioception) utilizzando il sistema Delos DPPS in collaborazione con Cosmos-Spaceland.

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